Are dtg printers worth it?

DTG printers are an expensive investment for your printingcompany even though they aren't particularly cheap. In addition to beingincredibly economical and sturdy, they have a low cost of ownership. The costof printing complicated artworks with many colors is appropriate for DTGbecause the amount of colors has no bearing on the price. Screen setup costsare a part of screen printing, and adding more colors can increase the costsignificantly.

Screen printing, therefore, isn't as economical for smallorders as DTG, which has a quicker return on investment when sold at retail andneeds less time to print. DTG also doesn't have any setup fees. In most screenprinting operations, installing high-end DTG equipment without reliabletemperature control is not realistic.

DTG printing is excellent for usage with urgent orders, suchas when someone needs a few shirts in less than a day. Whatever the case, froma technological standpoint, Kornit has made substantial advancements in thewhole DTG printing sector.

Manufacturers of DTG pretreatment equipment include Lawson,Equipment Zone, and M&R. (along with many other manufacturers). It's entirelyup to you how you want to develop and grow your apparel company, whether youchoose screen printing or DTG.

Direct-to-garment printing, also known as DTG printing, andscreen printing are the two most common options among the many available.Charge reasonably for rush orders, replacements, and reprints as this form ofDTG printing is a premium service.

Within the next five years, there will likely be dozens moreproviders and manufacturers of DTG printing. Additionally, as DTG doesn'trequire a color count for printing, your order is processed as soon as theprint file is received. This eliminates the need for any additional setup time.These DTG machines are of a high caliber, and many DTG manufacturers obtain alarge portion of their parts from China (they then assemble the machines in theUSA). UU.).

DTG ink costs more than ordinary ink, although being lessexpensive overall. This is especially true if you want to print multiple colorsin a single design. Don't forget that your printer and the management softwareyou employ for your DTG printing company are both crucial. DTG printing can beincredibly inexpensive and productive if you design a business plan that canaccommodate modest orders. Compare the costs of DTG versus screen printing foran order of 50 shirts in 4 colors.

Unlike screen printing, which lays ink onto fabric, DTG usesa printer to spray the ink onto a garment. The most significant differencebetween DTG and screen printing is that DTG allows for on-demand orderfulfillment with no upfront costs.

Is DTG's system this simple for producing money?

Indeed, and no. With the help of DTG, you can earn money, asyou can see from our example. Make a t-shirt from scratch, print it, and makesome money. However, to expand your clientele and boost sales, you must workhard, just like in any other business.

The good news is that direct-to-garment printing gives manychances for growing sales and creating a scalable home business, meaning youmay start small by selling t-shirts to neighborhood businesses and schools, andlater grow your company into a full-time endeavor.

So how can I market 500 or even 1,000 t-shirts?

Now that you are aware of the potential earnings availableto you through DTG, how do you go about starting a t-shirt business? Whatpercentage of them can you expect to sell? Selling to your friends and familyis one of the simplest methods to start, and it's all about growing yourcustomer base.

Have you got children enrolled in elementary, high school orcollege, or do you know someone who does? Inform everyone you know about thefantastic prices you can get on printing custom t-shirts (and don't forget toshare your wonderful designs on social media) and always remember to requestreferrals for new customers.

Some of our most prosperous clients simply grew theircompanies through word-of-mouth advertising. As an illustration, Andre Howard,the proprietor of Design 2 Ink, bought a Ricoh DTG printer and began printing t-shirtsas a side gig while maintaining his full-time job.

Only two months after purchasing his first printer, Andrefound that he was doing so much business thanks to his dedication to networkingand top-notch customer service that he had to resign from his day job to devoteall of his time to his DTG business.

Honeybee Print & Apparel's Tonya and Troy Ferguson havea very similar tale to tell. After just one month of purchasing their firstRicoh DTG printer, they were able to generate enough commerce by sellingt-shirts to their network of friends and family to require the purchase of aSECOND printer to keep up with demand.

Free samples' impact

Giving away a free t-shirt is one of the best, mosteffective methods for generating business. Many of our clients found this to bean incredibly successful strategy for creating their first customer base whenthey were just getting started.

Create a design with the name of your company, your contactinformation, and a statement that you offer unlimited color printing with nosetup or minimum order requirements. A second, sizable logo should be included,so be sure to provide room for it. A bespoke sample with their logo or mascoton it should be sent or personally delivered to the schools and businesses youhave targeted in your area.

They could genuinely want to wear the t-shirt because it hastheir logo, and because you printed your company name and a brief sales pitchon it, they will know who to get in touch with when they're ready to ordercustom t-shirts.

Speaking of uncomplicated trials,

As a result, you probably have many questions now that youare aware of the fundamentals of how to make money using DTG. Our team at RicohDTG takes great satisfaction in partnering with our clients in addition todeveloping and supporting the greatest direct-to-garment printers in thebusiness. We are dedicated to making sure you succeed in DTG, and we'll bethere for you as you expand your company.